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Professional Resume Service

Our Professional Resume Service offers complete and convenient start-to-finish creation of a resume customized to fit the needs of your job search. In addition, you'll have your cover letter created at no extra charge and receive a comprehensive Communication Style Analysis, one that examines your personality and communication style in the workplace.

Professionals resume writing career coaching job employment

Are you looking for a job?

Would you like a satisfying career?

Do you need confidence that your resume will create interest?

JaneCo's Sensible Solutions is your missing piece...
contact the professionals at JaneCo to generate results.

We believe everyone in a job search has the goal of getting a satisfying job, but not everyone is starting at the same place or needs the same type of help. JaneCo will customize the best plan for you.

JaneCo's is a full service provider for your career advancement needs.

We have services to help you with every step of the job search process. JaneCo has a unique method of designing professionally written resumes that will highlight your skills, accomplishments and personality, which will increase your marketability dramatically. The average resume is looked over for 20 seconds or less! If yours does not stand out, it WILL go unnoticed! You need a one-of-a-kind resume to match the one-of-a-kind you. By writing from your perspective and incorporating important keywords, JaneCo will create a powerful, targeted resume and cover letters that WILL get you noticed and position you ahead of the competition to get you that "second look" you deserve!

Free Needs Assessment!

Free Needs Assessment  -  Click Here! Start Your Resume Development Process Today

Feeling stifled in your present position? Don't know which direction to turn? Just entering the workforce? Starting with career evaluations, behavioral and communication profiling to determine which jobs suit you the most, JaneCo will match your abilities, interests and values with an ideal career direction. Together, we will discover where you have the greatest potential for success and focus on a career area best suited to you. JaneCo is committed to your success and will always encourage and challenge you to reach your personal best. So, no matter what stage of job searching you are in, WE CAN HELP!

Learn more about our Professional Resume Services:

Resume Service: At JaneCo's Sensible Solutions, we have experienced writers on staff that understand the language and layout techniques required to make your resume stand out among the many that cross the desk of an employer. Best of all, we aren't satisfied with the documents we produce until you are!

Cover Letters: Included in the resume package is development of an original cover letter designed to complement the resume by explaining your confidence and motivation in your line of work, and the benefits you are capable of providing the target company. If you are changing career direction, the cover may assist in explaining your reasons for the change and help you to stand out as an exceptional candidate for employment.

References: Your professional references will be attractively displayed and remain on file for use when required.

Follow-up | Thank You Letter: The follow-up, thank-you letter is a powerful and often overlooked job search tool. Even though resumes and cover letters get the attention of the hiring authority, thank-you letters often get results.

Job Targets: Most clients enjoy the privilege of having JaneCo's Sensible Solutions provide clerical support as they search for employment. We customize and print your job targets. This means that we make certain that your leads are answered promptly with a crisp and concise resume and cover letter, customized to be recipient-accurate. All targets are printed on high quality resume paper with matching envelopes, which we'll address for you. Separate fees apply per target, depending on degree of customization.

Start Your Job Search Today with JaneCo

JaneCo is very proud to have been selected to serve as a judge in the Career Directors International Toast of the Resume Industry (TORI) Awards. We not only write professional resumes, we participate in selecting the best written resumes within the International professional resume writing industry.

Toast of the Resume Industry

All PAST and PRESENT JaneCo clients, don't miss out on our next client promotion. Visit our new Client Update Form to keep your information current.

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"I have a really GREAT success story for you. To start with, I had a great time looking for a job after the initial frustration of things not happening as quick as I wanted them too. But, with the interview coaching, I had a blast with the job search process. It was almost like I didn't want to take a job because I was having so much fun looking. Anyway, I figured out pretty fast that if you don't push and shove your way into the hiring authorities presence, nothing happens. I can't believe how the gatekeepers of so many companies are robbing their corporations of good talent by tabling their applications and resumes. In hindsight, it was happening to me every day due to my HR manager's laziness.

I became very busy interviewing and making contacts, etc., after about three weeks of starting the job search process. In the end, on Thursday, April 17th I received a job offer . . .at around? 11am. At 1pm I received an even better offer. Then a couple of days later I received another offer. I was able to negotiate an awesome job offer that enabled our family to not move from the city we love living in. What's more, I am earning 16% more salary than I was with a comparable bonus opportunity in addition to a large signing bonus. I would have never guessed it.

All of this success I attribute to doing this job search right which began by hiring your company to write me a world-class resume. I am confident that the investment I made in your services paved the way to many doors opening and in the end landing a great job with a Fortune 50 company. I have had many people ask for your information and am sharing it with all who ask. I appreciate the job you did for me. Thanks for your services. I again refer to them as an investment in a great career" PS- "I can't believe I turned down a Store Management job. I would have never guessed I would have found and negotiated a better job than they offer."

-- General Manager
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