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Posted by: Janeir on Thursday, March 14, 2013 - 03:17 PM
Interviewing Understand Communication Styles not just Communication Devices!

Job interview? Leading a team?  Promoting an idea?  Transmitting your ideas to others?  Just plain talking to people? 

Remember that we have four distinct generations in the workplace, at many social settings, and when families get together. Each generation uses a “different language.” The term "communication skills," for example, might mean formal writing and speaking abilities to an older person, while it might mean e-mail and instant-messenger savvy to the younger generation.

Being aware of generational differences can help you anticipate miscommunications and help tailor a message for more effective communication.

Include learning about people as part of your continuing education and you will learn more about your own communication style and the unique communication preferences of others.

Strive to communicate effectively with the Workforce Veterans, The Boomers, Generation X, and The Millennials by knowing and appreciating communication differences.

Remember: Be more mindful of Communication STYLES than of communication devices and jargon.

Note: Need help with understanding communication styles... JaneCo's has the sensible solutions!

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