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Posted by: Janeir on Tuesday, August 13, 2013 - 03:07 PM
Career Information Successful Career Planning: One of the Most Life-Affecting Choices is Your Career Choice
The average person who works full time for 35 years, 40 hours per week for 50 weeks a year, will spend 70,000 hours of his/her life at work! Instead of feeling stuck in a job, wouldn't it be preferable to find a career you enjoy? Behavioral consultants specializing in the career industry and many professional resume writers provide coaching services to help people with career satisfaction goals and job search marketing materials. These career experts assist clients in finding their career direction by helping them begin to define a critical element--their Occupational/Behavioral Style. Research suggests that different behavioral styles excel at and are attracted to different occupations. Behavioral styles are a major ingredient in determining one's career choice and success.

Job seekers can benefit from a systematic and comprehensive way of exploring the behavior demanded by various jobs. Most positions have a job description or a list of duties and responsibilities. But a job description rarely tells us anything more than what the person is expected to do; it leaves out how the person is to do it and when it must be done. Using an appropriate assessment tool can identify the human behavioral factors that are typically absent in job descriptions.

The Career Planning Insights™ is one reputable, accurate and validated assessment tool which is widely used by many career experts and qualified resume writers. This highly regarded assessment takes the duties and responsibilities of thousands of positions and identifies the amount of time spent completing each task in a given week, and compiles the amount of time spent on various activities. By analyzing the types of activity and the behavior required for successful completion, the assessment tool determines the amount of time spent dealing with the various human factors. The results of this process report the dominant human factors that are present in each position. The Career Planning Insights system correlates a person's responses regarding his/her "natural style" to jobs identified as matching their preferred behavioral style. A list of job titles, known as O*NET codes, is generated that most match the person's natural style.

The behavior required to be successful in many jobs or occupations is so critical that, in many cases, when the necessary behavior style is not matched to the individual's natural style, it has led to relational and/or health problems. It is basically like putting 'square pegs in round holes.'

When a person is presently employed, the combination of his/her unique behavior and his/her work environment from the report of The Career Planning Insights assessment allows the coach to analyze what behavior the person brings to his/her current job, as well as the behavior required to be successful in that job. Additionally, The Career Planning Insights system allows the coach to analyze both the behavior of the person and the behavior required of the "ideal job." This gives an indication of the type of behavior that the person would LIKE to be using on the job. It also helps the person decide whether or not he/she is willing to pay the price for success in their dream job.

Knowing that career coaches sometimes extend services to employers, this same concept can help a company with strategic positioning of their employees and, perhaps even more importantly, with effective human capital development.

When a person is hired to do a job that requires the same behavior he/she brings to the job, several things happen. One, the individual can immediately focus energy on completion of the job itself. Two, he/she will enjoy doing the job because of the natural match with his/her instinctive behavior. By contrast, those people who bring different behavior styles to a job than what the job demands must first focus energy on adjusting their behavior to the job. After expending this energy to bring about the behavioral change, they can then use what energy is left to perform the duties of the job. Some jobs can be so stressful in forcing one to be something he/she is not, there is little energy left for the completion of the job.

Doesn't it make sense to take advantage of a system that will capitalize on the job seekers talents, potential and continuing value to an organization? A job seeker deserves to have this information, including specific job titles most appropriate for his/her individual behavioral style. Behavioral consultants specializing in resume writing and the career industry and Certified Professional Behavioral Analysts may be the best source for successful career planning--and may result in 70,000 hours of job satisfaction.

Note: Job searching? Reading job descriptions?
Recognize the duties and responsibilities?
Why is it that you know you can do the activities required, yet you still wonder if you’d by satisfied with the job?
Instead of feeling stuck in a job, wouldn't it be preferable to find a career you enjoy? Doesn’t it make sense to identify the human behavioral factors that are typically absent in job descriptions and then match your style to the right job? That's what JaneCo's Sensible Solutions will do for you. Email us You're not ready for a resume until you know your career direction. We'll help you find your job with a professional resume after you're confident you are going in the right direction.


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