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Posted by: Janeir on Wednesday, August 14, 2013 - 12:13 PM
Job Search Hire me! Job Searching? Want a Promotion?
Do you tell the hiring authority that you want a job with an employer who will pay you while you learn how to do something that you don’t have any idea of how to do? Your resume, cover letter or a phrase during your interview may be implying that you can’t do the job now, but if the employer will pay you to learn how to do it, you will consider the position. Do you think you would never tell a hiring authority that you expect to be paid to learn the job?

If you use the phrase,

“I’m looking for a challenge”

the reader may perceive that you are basically asking someone to pay you to try to learn what it takes.”

A much better strategy to getting hired or promoted is to point out how your skill sets align with what the job needs.

Note: Certified Professional Behavioral Analysts (CPBA) study and understand effective communication styles and preferences.
Minimize your job search time and maximize your income potential by letting a communication expert write it right for you.
Jane is a CPBA who specializes in the career industry and will personally ensure that your resume and cover letters written by JaneCo's Sensible Solutions are effective for you. email us today You will be pleased with our materials, services and support as we help with your career advancement.

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