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Posted by: Janeir on Thursday, September 12, 2013 - 01:31 PM
Interviewing The Job Seeker's Personal Style and its Value in Your Career...

Many people are hired by the heart, not the head during the interview process. Just because the interviewer has the power to hire, doesn't mean the interviewer does it right. Personal bias is interjected, and poor hiring decisions may be made. Often employers hire for hard skills, only to terminate later for behavior- how the employee reacts and respond to the work environment and demands of the job. Gaining an understanding of your personal style has enormous value in your career as well as your personal life. If you're a good match for the position and you know it, it may be up to you to prove it to the interviewer. Remember, it may be you who has to†get through the interviewer's heart before you get to his/her head!

A goal thatís good for all is to strive to understand oneís own behavior preferences and learn about the communication preferences of others. For job seekers and even those employed, by understanding the preferences of others and realizing the behavioral style needed by the job duties, one becomes a more valuable person, employee, manager and leader.

The Communication Style and Behavioral Strength Report you get as a JaneCo client helps you and then helps you help the interviewer. It's time to help us help you by becoming a JaneCo client!

Note: Sell yourself to the interviewer's heart before you sell to his/her head. Understand the interviewer's communication preferences with our DISC-based Communication Style and Behavioral Strengths reports. You cannot afford to not have it if you are serioius about your own career success. 724.528.1000.

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